According to the Financial Times, Apple is in late-stage talks with Beats to acquire the music streaming and headphone maker for a deal worth $3.2 billion.

My suggestion that Apple’s wearable might be a headphone continues to be enforced by rumors of potential moves by Apple.

Also, the acquisition of ┬ábrand as large as BEATS will most likely mean that Apple will continue to keep that brand alive and sell it as a separate product. This is no acqui-hire for sure. And if that is all true, than my idea of Apple becoming a ‘group of brands‘ to reach people beyond that Apple brand also comes true.

Now we just need an unbundling of iTunes (which I hinted at back in 2012 already) and add the easy electronic shopping experience into every product, including the Finder on the Mac and I’ll be batting 100. Not a bad start into the year.

Oh and one more, sort of: I suggested ‘Apple should buy Songza‘. Well:

Beats Music (the music service) has a full editorial team of music curators. Source.