By MATHIAS EICHLER   Issue #33: May/June 2014   'Almost Summer'


Healthkit could open door to Universal EMR

On Quora, by a medical professional:

I feel that Healthkit might well be the first step in creating something akin to a universal EMR. If Apple pulls this off with the right partners, they could potentially solve one of the single worst problems in healthcare today: the inability to easily transfer patient records from one care location to another.

This is where the opportunity lies. Not just is this incredibly exciting in itself, but by Apple creating partnerships with other industries that can benefit from Apple’s software and hardware Apple has the ability to leverage their pocketbooks. Just like Apple did with the cell carriers. It could become another subsidized market that can be made accessible to the consumers without ‘ads’ or other shitty workarounds.

High Hopes for Soccer Fans

Here in the US, by Brian Foley on Medium:

I know I will be here watching on the TV every single game of the World Cup in High Definition and getting expert analysis on ESPN as this is the time that Soccer breaks through in this country with perfect gametimes for USA fans with 6pm and noon kickoffs.

Never Forget, Always with You

70 years ago today was D-Day. And this is what that means to me:

There are two side of ‘we never forget’.

The Allied Countries ‘celebrating’ D-Day are remembering the fallen and are reminding today’s world  that sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the greater good, the common goal.
You have to do what’s ‘right’. Even if that means sacrificing so much. And this is noble and true.

Soccer Love

From the Archive:

This is what soccer fans look like in Germany. We’re getting close US, we’re getting closer!

World Cup Preview

Fantastic feature on SB Nation.

There will be a lot, a lot, a lot of talk about soccer here over the next few weeks. Bear with me. The most exciting days are ahead. I love the World Cup. Love the German National Team. Love the Cup. Every 4 years the madness disrupts my life and it’s the most beautiful agony and ecstasy all rolled into one.

Deutschland, Deutschland, Wir sind die Mannschaft!!

Too Late, Sadly

Reeder relaunched.

My once favorite RSS reader had to be completely rebuild after the closure of Google Reader. Back then I love the app on Mac and iOS. It is still gorgeous designed, feels great to use and is a pleasure to read articles from multiple blogs on.

When Google killed their RSS service I moved all my blogs to DIGG and used their app and website for awhile. It worked alright at first but it certainly was no Reeder.

Since then time has moved on and RSS has increasingly become irrelevant for me. I recently revived the still very clunky-to-use Lists on Twitter and added every blog-only feed to that list I care about. It actually works surprisingly well. My ‘RSS’ List allows me to browse those links straight from the platform I use most often to discover and read articles. It certainly is not as comprehensive as my old RSS list, but starting fresh actually feels pretty good as I get a change to rebuild my feed from the ground up.

And for those blog feeds that don’t offer dedicated Twitter streams? Well, they should get on it right away, right? But, in the meantime, I will let those links come bubbling up to me on my daily tweet stream.

Happy reader, but without Reeder.

MLS Jersey Sales

That Dempsey tops the league in jersey sales is not surprising and great for the Sounders. But what’s even greater is that Yedlin is in the top 10. Local kid from the Seattle area. So great.

‘An Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy’

Yes, you can find idiots on both sides of the aisle and especially at Whole Foods.

Horrible how science and historical facts are being thrown out the window in favor of personal expression and selfish ideology.

Apple’s WWDC

They changed the game. A full tour the force that introduced Apple’s roadmap for the future. Wow.

Great roundup by Ben Brooks (who’s back on Twitter!):

… the biggest thing to remember is that unlike other keynotes and product announcements: all this stuff is real. You may not get it today, but developers are already hard at work on it so that when you get it, everything works. Amazing.

A new style of Sponsored Post

Kottke launches Kickstarter Boost sponsorships. Smart idea. And a bold move:

If your Boost runs on the site and your project does not reach its goal, I will refund your deposit and you will not be charged the full amount.

MuleRadio is shutting down

Podcasting’s blogger moment hasn’t arrived yet.

And will it ever?

Be the Hero

June, 21 2014:

The World’s toughest Mountain Bike Marathon in the heart of the amazing Dolomites.

Awesome bike race, awesome location. Great website.

The New Open


There is obviously a growing market related to moving traditional on-premises enterprise software to the cloud, but what you might not know is that beyond that group of products, there is a whole other category of services being developed to support those top-level companies, whether that’s security, authentication, monitoring, back up or billing and customer retention.

And what’s interesting is that these services would very likely never have existed if the first wave hadn’t developed a set of open APIs.

Shad, my boss:

“There will always be gaps in how systems integrate, filling those gaps in a repeatable yet flexible way has given us a strategic opportunity,”

And that’s exactly what we’re working on.


Departmet of Interior:

Just over 40 of these exceedingly rare national park posters have since resurfaced and are in National Park Service archives, the Library of Congress and with private collectors. Through the course of two decades and extensive research, Doug Leen and his company, Ranger Doug’s Enterprises have not only painstakingly reproduced the 14 original WPA designs but also—working in collaboration with individual parks—created and screen printed more than 25 new designs “in the style of” the WPA artists.

What a great treasure. Would love to see every poster online.

Donovan Out

People have been asking me what I think about US National Team coach Jürgen Klinsmann’s (check the correct spelling!) decision to drop one of the most beloved US players off his roster over a week before the deadline. Here is what I think:


DeckStarter is the only dedicated funding platform for custom designed playing cards.

Kinda awesome and kinda ridiculous.

Dan Buck, Dan and Dave Industries:

It is our mission to create a marketplace for luxury playing cards through collaborations with elite brands, famous artists and indie designers.

We app-ify everything. And we start in a safe, constraint, simple and sort of useless environment. Let’s hope that the learning derived from those experiences can be applied for solving real problems. We need designers to build real cool shit. REAL. COOL. SHIT.

Not self-driving cartoon dreams.

Vesper Syncs now

And it just works. Nothing else was expected from Q Branch.

Our goal for Vesper Sync was to achieve excellence in every way: performance, reliability, security, and privacy. Only time will tell if we’ve succeeded, but I feel confident that we have.

A Mac version is next.

We have several ideas for future Vesper clients, but we’ve decided which one we’re going to tackle next: Mac. We did the iPhone version first because the iPhone is the one device you have with you everywhere, and we remain convinced that was the correct decision. Ubiquity is essential to a notes app. The Mac, though, is the device where we’re most productive.

Hopefully shortly after we will see an iPad version too. But probably next week’s WWDC will illuminate to direction this will take.

Every Four Years the World has one Timezone

Fantastic ESPN World Cup Spot.

Borussia against Nazis

Awesome Youtube spot. Very bold.

Apple Shopping List

What apps/companies/products do you think Apple should buy next?