By MATHIAS EICHLER   Issue #32: April 2014   'From the ground up.'


Ford vs. Cadillac

Watch this one first. Then watch the link in the headline.

Well dome Ford.


Over my last couple of days out running I’ve been grinding myself through Gruber’s latest The Talk Show podcast with Craig Hockenberry.

And so I decided to add my ‘Medium-style think piece’. You’re welcome, in advance.

‘Change your Typeface, save Millions’

This will be linked on every design and tech blog today:

Using the Government Services Administration’s estimated annual cost of ink — $467 million — Suvir concluded that if the federal government used Garamond exclusively it could save nearly 30% — or $136 million per year.

Some science fair project. Incredible.

Microsoft Office for the iPad

Bringing Office to the iPad signals from Microsoft that the tablet war is over, if there was ever one.

The enterprise wants iPads. Not tablets, not slates, not Surfaces. The enterprise consumer has spoken and the hard way play is Apple iPads for a traveling workforce of millions of people all around the world. An enterprise robust tablet can’t be made any cheaper than an iPad and the App Store feature*, along with security and longevity will allow the iPad to rule for many many years to come.

* Apple has put a lot of effort into helping corporations build, deploy, and manage applications on large quantities of devices.

Songza has always been about the Feels

The Verge:

By leveraging data from The Weather Channel, Songza will now recommend certain playlists and stations if it’s sunny, stormy, snowy, or simply when the sun’s going down.

Songza is my absolute favorite ‘radio app’. Picking music by mood totally works for me.

OMA wins Bid to build Axel Springer Campus in Berlin

Love OMA’s work. Rem Koolhass has been my favorite architect for years. When it comes to bold, unique but smart structures he’s ahead of the pack by lightyears. What he designs is groundbreaking but well-thoughtout. There’s a sense of purpose to the apparent madness that I am missing in most ‘out there’ architects.

My Next Mattress

Kottke saves the day again:

T&N is a start-up that, in the parlance of Silicon Valley VCs, is disrupting the mattress industry by offering products of similar quality at dramatically lower prices with an emphasis on customer service.

League of Nations

UEFA members have voted to approve the new “Nations League” tournament, which will replace most international friendlies from September 2018.

Fascinating and challenging development in Europe. I’m excited to see how this will play out. I’ve always loved the National Team play. And now I get to see more ‘real’ games. Friendlies were always challenging to watch. They mattered to the fans, and to the pride, but didn’t matter in the big picture, thus skewing the performance on the field and the results.

Oracle’s Culture Problem

Shad on The Motley Fool:

Meanwhile the emerging and disruptive market we now know as the cloud was erupting with completely new ideas on how information would be created, stored, shared, and mined. Oracle has always played the playground bully with its customers exhibiting a take-no-prisoners attitude with any software renewal or up-sell opportunity.

Everyone one of our ECM customers is working on a legacy software replacement strategy, and not a single strategy includes upgrading the software in use by renewing their subscription.

Gladwell of Journalism

NYT’s Krugman doesn’t like Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight blog.

And I agree with him. So far everything I’ve seen is highly underwhelming.

Why is it, and pardon me if I repeat myself, that all those professional journalist leave reputable publications and start something new with the desire to redefine their genre and essentially create a standard blog, in the same fashion we’ve seen already for a decade now.

Where are the designers that help them elevate their writing to the next level?

Yes, so far the cool genre-bending designs have failed because they were too far out there and tried to marry several different mediums, writing, video and lots of slide shows.

But one would think that a site, focused on writing and cool graphs would consider that more and build a design exactly for that.

It’s on WordPress after all, to build a theme can’t be that hard. Come on people.


This looks perfect for taking the iPhone on hiking trips.

Or is there a better solution for keeping your phone juiced in the outdoors?

Medium Is Simple

Medium launches iPhone app. And sadly it’s only a reader.

I’m looking for a killer publishing tool. A reader is underwhelming.

My First Tweet

Twitter launches a “find my first tweet’ discovery tool.

Nostalgia is a powerful marketing vehicle.

‘Revelations of N.S.A. Spying Cost U.S. Tech Companies’

That was bound to happen.

What would have been a better way for the NSA to bring those ‘security concerns’ with those companies, and would they have listened?

Perhaps it’s the universe’s way of leveling the playing field, as it looked like for a few years that Silicon Valley companies where running away with the future.

Huge opportunity for non-US businesses to play catch up. And a chance to proof that there is a better way of creating a company in the internet age, than what Facebook and Google is trying to tell us.

NSA Responds at TED

TED2014 remote notes:

Are there dark sinister parasites who are influencing our behavior without us knowing about it?”

Yes, it was good to hear the NSA respond to the surprise appearance by Edward Snowden. It was helpful to hear both sides of the story.

Who Owns and Controls Companies

TED2014 remote notes:

TED Prize winner 2014:

Charmian is calling for governments around the world to pass laws to create registries which list the true owners of companies, and that are open to the public – with no loopholes.

Interesting that at the 30th Anniversary of TED it’s moved away from Monterey California, USA and to Vancouver and two of the biggest topics of the first day of TED were the Snowden interview, which can be seen as a clear attack on the US and the TED Prize winner’s speech who essentially announced that most ‘anonymous companies’ are being held in the US.

I can smell a clear trend here. Don’t squander the great responsibility, America.

Snowden at TED

TED2014 remote notes:
(This is the time again for me to follow along from afar, wishing I was there, yet being fascinated beyond belief the community of inspiration TED is able to create, year after year. One day. One day I’ll be there.)

Just watched Edward Snowden at TED. For the first time I spend some time hearing directly from the man what has happened, and what is going on.

It’s insanely offensive to let it sink in that America, who’s in many ways has given us many of the great things that make the internet today is now actively working so very hard on destroying just that.

It feels like being a citizen of a great country, with  privileges, pride, and with an understanding of the live around me and waking up one morning realizing the government has declared war on its citizens. It’s not guns we need to protect us as citizen militia, it’s people willing to build a better, more secure internet.

I’ve grown up in the internet age, I’m not willing to give up this great privilege.


Best Practices in Government

Wanna know what I have been up to?

Please join us for an informative webinar on April 17, 2014 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET/ 18:00 GMT.

Docusign and cloudPWR bring you: ‘Collaboration and eSignature‘.

Incredible Animation

The Peanuts are returning to the big screen and a bird on Twitter is saying that Incredibles 2 is in the works.

So much good stuff for one day.

Trail Running

Outside Magazine selects it’s best place for trail running:

The Dolo­mites of northern Italy. You’ll find 10,000-foot spires, rollicking trails, ­supreme landscapes, and cushy huts within solid running distance.

How convenient. That’s where I wanna go this Summer.