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…about yesterday’s heartbreaking loss of the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Vox explains:

“With 26 sec on 2nd&g, you have to pass at least once to be able to use all 4 downs if necessary. Passing on 2nd keeps NE honest on 3 & 4 dn”

Once you’ve recorded your podcast, it’s time to edit. Editing can be incredibly simple—trim the beginning and end point and be done with it—or as complicated as you want to make it.

Almost everyone who is doing a podcast is talking about how they podcast. What equipment they use and sequence of software edits they perform before hitting publish. Reminds me of 2008 when Twitter started first getting hot and all the gurus used the service to tell us how the services should be used. Helpful at times, but sort of defeats the purpose of what the service is for. More than just promoting itself as a service.

Charles Smith is the only person to have won “Winemaker of the Year” by both Food & Wine and Wine Enthusiast.

In his own words: “It’s just wine, drink it”.


This week, Canadian ice climbers Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken became the first to climb the frozen falls.

A Red Bull project, of course.

Is this Saturday in New York City. If you’re not around you can follow the hashtag #aacdinner15 for updates and probably also find a number of cool people who use Twitter.

Makes you want to start riding again, doesn’t it?

Man, I didn’t want to post about sports anymore, and especially not about football, but damn, this is a good article about the only #BEASTMODE: Marshawn Lynch.

Essentially, Facebook has determined that algorithms alone are not enough to determine the makeup of one’s News Feed. The mix is so important — not just to individuals but to collateral players such as the news business, the apps industry, and the Internet meme machine — that the ultimate tech company must acquaint itself with the Antediluvian art of asking people directly what they want.

Happens on all social channels. Computers can’t guess our mood. Perhaps there lies the future of journalism somewhere.

A poem, by yours truly.

A rendezvous with ramen.

But IOC President Thomas Bach says in a statement to The Associated Press that Saudi Arabia would be ineligible to bid unless it complies with rules on non-discrimination against women in sports.

Bach says ”a commitment to ‘non-discrimination’ will be mandatory for all countries hoping to bid for the Olympics in the future.”

Are we seeing the first glimpses of a new IOC?

U.S. Department of the Interior now has a Tumblr showcasing photos from America’s public lands.

Smart idea and gorgeous photos.

Don’t waste it. But live it to the fullest.

Have a great weekend folks.

Wish I was there. No really. Haters, you may hate. I would love to be there. Take it all in. Snowboard a bit and figure out how thin the air on the top really is.

On another note, I am pretty impressed with the World Economic Forum’s embrace of social media year round and their understanding of modern technology and communication tools. You can signup for Yo updates from them if you care to.

Isn’t it surprising and interesting to see Adidas making waves in the outdoor outfitting arena? All of a sudden you see Adidas clothes in REIs and other outdoor retailers across the country. But even more surprising is their serious approach to sponsoring athletes and adventurers on all levels and areas of activity. This must be a serious threat to the North Faces and Mountain Hardwares of the world.

The other interesting thing I am noticing is that good footage, coverage and access to stories can be found often directly from the sponsor and supplier of the gear. Patagonia has been doing this for years, prominently adding movies and showcasing pictures of climbs to the front page.

But with the Dawn Wall expedition especially you get the best coverage straight from Adidas and Patagonia. Not outdoor magazine/publication in sight. Yes, there will be a documentary released by an outdoor/adventure shooting company, but the initial coverage leapfrogged the ‘bloggers and genre journalists’ and went straight to the New York Times and the sponsors.

What’s also worth noting is that currently all promotional marketing Adidas is doing is being directed to which is just a online store page with a few products, barely any description and certainly no lifestyle around it. Really shocking, I can’t imagine that this would lead to any conversion or sales like that. The website needs more direct engagement for the potential buyer.

PS: Adidas is not a sponsor of this site – yet.

Reinhold Messner:

“What I tell young people is if you identify your goals, and have the willpower to overcome difficulties—there will always be certain difficulties—and you find the right people to help you, you will be successful.”

From the Center for American Progress:

A growing body of research shows that proximity to parks, trails, and outdoor spaces is among the most prominent factors that businesses and workers consider when choosing where to locate.

This is what keeps the Alps alive!

Doug, this one’s for you.

Kottke found another episode from the life of Tommy Caldwell:

All the scheming comes to nothing, until at one point three of the rebels go away leaving a lone man in charge of the captives as they climb a steep ridge. Then, near the top …


Beth Rodden:

So, this summer, instead of rad, exotic tales of climbing in far off destinations, I have stayed home; climbing in the quiet heat of Yosemite and Tuolumne, and my woody wall, happy as can be.