And by tech product I mean the new iPhone, of course.

Panzarino ups the ante and takes the review units to Disneyland. Great idea. This really sets the bar for future reviews, since this time around most reviews felt a bit… flat from what I am gathering around the internet.

Apple, I’d love to take the next phone out for a hike in a National Park. Let me know where I can pick up a unit.


The Apple Watch typeface, on the other hand, was made to do one thing: read well on the (tiny) screen it was designed for. It borrows heavily from DIN, a legible and space-efficient typeface introduced in Weimar Germany for road and train signs, but updates the letterforms with rounder shapes that are better suited for a digital setting.

Yes! Love that font. It’s beautiful, legible, simple and strong. And has more character than Helvetica. I used DIN for all my signage when we had Einmaleins as a retail store.

Cool interactive page sharing a ton of great insight, and announcing prices and availability for tickets to the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio. The event will employ 8,000 staff, 35,000 contractors and 45,000 volunteers… incredible operation.

On how to use handwritten notes to gather your thoughts.

Awesome inspiration worth subscribing to.

Also check out the iBook on using the app Paper for inspirational note taking.

Peter Cohen:

If you fall into that camp, let me speak very plainly: I have no sympathy for you. I have trouble thinking of a more self-indulgent, “first world problem” than saying “I hate this free new album I’ve been given.”

Via Daring Fireball

I like U2. I like Apple. I’m biased, therefore I have to shut up. No, you shut up.

NYT reports on the challenges of switching an entire country to renewable energy.

“Indeed, the German people are paying significant money,” said Markus Steigenberger, an analyst at Agora, the think tank. “But in Germany, we can afford this — we are a rich country. It’s a gift to the world.”

That’s an investment into the future. Photo apps are nice too.

Just what the world needs.

It’s fun, it’s gimmicky, it’s another app in my ‘social app’ folder that will be downloaded, used for 2 days and never touched again. Sorry, Kevin Rose, I love the creative hunger but I wish that energy would be invested into stuff that can change lives.

I know, tall order. Not ti(i)ny at all.

The iPod had such a profound impact on the way many of us listen to music that it seems to have been around forever.

RIP to this incredible product. I remember when Steve Jobs introduced the product and there was this sense in the air that computers would finally become so much more than just desktop work machines. What a ride it has been.

Some days I dream of running a business like that. Some days.

If I may judge this for a sec, I think this is a dumb move. There might be money in this, but this feels, old-school, old-media, un-disruptive, and sends a sad message. Too bad.

Perhaps it’ll get him closer to buying the NYJets, perhaps.

A potato salad is taking the media by storm.

And as much as this is all funny and in good sport, by Kickstarter allowing this campaign they are essentially making fun of themselves and somewhat tarnishing their brand. Kickstarter used to hold themselves to a standard of trying to inspire and help create beautiful things. This Potato Salad campaign is tarnishing all this and showing everyone that more often than not Kickstarter campaigns are overly opportunistic and sometimes not more than a hunt for a quick buck.


So, there’s this new trend, where people sell their company/app/site/idea to a larger corporation with lots of cash, presumably in exchange for lots of cash and then the inevitable happens and the large corporation shuts the service down.

A little later a disgruntled founder shows up on Kickstarter and begs for cash to restart the service.


The Federal Republic’s northernmost — and windiest — state of Schleswig-Holstein is set to generate all of its electricity from green energy this year. The state, which borders Denmark and the North and Baltic Seas, has a goal to generate 300 percent of its electricity needs from renewables.

While Schleswig-Holstein aims to become the first of Germany’s 16 states to pass the 300 percent renewables mark, a Bavarian village has already blown past that milestone. In 2011, Wildpoldsried produced a whopping 321 percent of its electricity from clean energy, generating four million Euro (US $5.7 million) in revenue by selling it back to the national grid.

We can all love at it, until it works. Really works.

On Quora, by a medical professional:

I feel that Healthkit might well be the first step in creating something akin to a universal EMR. If Apple pulls this off with the right partners, they could potentially solve one of the single worst problems in healthcare today: the inability to easily transfer patient records from one care location to another.

This is where the opportunity lies. Not just is this incredibly exciting in itself, but by Apple creating partnerships with other industries that can benefit from Apple’s software and hardware Apple has the ability to leverage their pocketbooks. Just like Apple did with the cell carriers. It could become another subsidized market that can be made accessible to the consumers without ‘ads’ or other shitty workarounds.

That Dempsey tops the league in jersey sales is not surprising and great for the Sounders. But what’s even greater is that Yedlin is in the top 10. Local kid from the Seattle area. So great.

They changed the game. A full tour the force that introduced Apple’s roadmap for the future. Wow.

Great roundup by Ben Brooks (who’s back on Twitter!):

… the biggest thing to remember is that unlike other keynotes and product announcements: all this stuff is real. You may not get it today, but developers are already hard at work on it so that when you get it, everything works. Amazing.

Kottke launches Kickstarter Boost sponsorships. Smart idea. And a bold move:

If your Boost runs on the site and your project does not reach its goal, I will refund your deposit and you will not be charged the full amount.


There is obviously a growing market related to moving traditional on-premises enterprise software to the cloud, but what you might not know is that beyond that group of products, there is a whole other category of services being developed to support those top-level companies, whether that’s security, authentication, monitoring, back up or billing and customer retention.

And what’s interesting is that these services would very likely never have existed if the first wave hadn’t developed a set of open APIs.

Shad, my boss:

“There will always be gaps in how systems integrate, filling those gaps in a repeatable yet flexible way has given us a strategic opportunity,”

And that’s exactly what we’re working on.

DeckStarter is the only dedicated funding platform for custom designed playing cards.

Kinda awesome and kinda ridiculous.

Dan Buck, Dan and Dave Industries:

It is our mission to create a marketplace for luxury playing cards through collaborations with elite brands, famous artists and indie designers.

We app-ify everything. And we start in a safe, constraint, simple and sort of useless environment. Let’s hope that the learning derived from those experiences can be applied for solving real problems. We need designers to build real cool shit. REAL. COOL. SHIT.

Not self-driving cartoon dreams.

What apps/companies/products do you think Apple should buy next?