Boy Scout leaders caught filming themselves destroying 20 million-year-old rock formation at Utah state park could face felony charges.

Illustrates perfectly what I am always saying: The current destructive mindset we find in Washington D.C. Is not a political problem. It’s a societal problem. We’ve raised a generation of people that have no respect of anything but their own dicks.


While the United States has spent the past four years lecturing European nations about their economic state, its government has shown that it should not point fingers.

Frugal, like a good German.

I had no idea that such a large percentage of people were furloughed. Wow.

First time I linked to FOX ever, and the first time without being snarky:

The cost of doing nothing on health care reform was too great and the cost of repeatedly refighting the political battles of the past is obscene. But then again, it makes perfect sense why Republicans refuse to just give up and shut up — because the minute they do, there will be no more distractions from all the good things about ObamaCare.

Wow. Even FOX is turning against the GOP?

From the brilliant comments on the ‘The Reign Of Morons Is Here’:

“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”
― Plato, “The Republic”

This is the core issue:

We have elected an ungovernable collection of snake-handlers, Bible-bangers, ignorami, bagmen and outright frauds, a collection so ungovernable that it insists the nation be ungovernable, too. We have elected people to govern us who do not believe in government.

Germany issued a travel advisory for the U.S., citing the risk of closed museums and national parks as the federal government partially shuts down in a budget impasse.

Hahahahaha, so pathetic ‘Merika, so pathetic.

Despite the GOPs effort to delay, repeal and shut down, is now live. Just everything else will be shut down apparently.

The health insurance exchanges that are rolling out next week are designed to make it easier for people without insurance, or who buy insurance on their own, to get coverage.

Looking forward!

Henry Porter:

‘More Americans lost their lives from firearms in the past 45 years than in all wars involving the US.’


Chancellor Angela Merkel won a resounding election victory on Sunday as her conservatives scored their best result since reunification in 1990. It’s a personal triumph for her, but she still faces tough negotiations to form a stable government.

“Merkel has represented Germany at a difficult time and on all the red carpets and in her whole demeanour, she has given Germans the feeling that she’s stood up for their interests in difficult times.”

And for that she deserves a third terms as chancellor of Germany and the title of most powerful woman in the world.

Also consider a voter turnout  of 73% in Germany compared to 57.5% in the US.

A miniature railway museum in Hamburg has given the country’s six largest political parties a small plot of “land” to show off their visions of a future Germany, which include gay blood donation, Bavarian festivals and members of the far right taking a beating.

That’s hilarious. The election in Germany is not. We don’t have the 8 year maximum to serve as head of state, which I think would do Germany do. I like Angela Merkel, but it creates too much consistency in the political landscape. Change is good.

Hilarious. But also horrible.

I know the military is probably bored and wants to blow stuff up, but please don’t go to Syria. Perhaps we can find stuff to do here in our own country that could be rebuild using the military budget and personnel.

The Next Time Someone Tells You To Be Afraid Of Socialized Medicine, Show Them This

He was the guy who invented the idea health that governments should provide insurance for its people.

Yeah, do it like the Germans. Don’t talk like them though.


It’s important for democracy. Ours is currently dysfunctional.

Doesn’t make for great living, now does it?

But anyone who tried it usually knows that already.


“The extraordinary decline in New York’s insurance rates for individual consumers demonstrates the profound promise of the Affordable Care Act,” she added.

Fan-fu$$ing-fastic! Seriously, this is incredible news.

Doug over at Exotic Hikes:

If a budget isn’t passed by the end of the month, State Parks will be closed, along with numerous other agencies, including the suspension of Fish and Wildlife enforcement and hatchery operations.

Get it done you foolish Politicians.

It’s 2013 after all. The 100th Anniversary of the Washington State Parks. The Founding Father’s loved the parks… shouldn’t that tell you something?

Krugman for the NYT:

So yes, it does look as if there’s an Obamacare shock coming: the shock of learning that a public program designed to help a lot of people can, strange to say, end up helping a lot of people — especially when government officials actually try to make it work.

That’s exactly what I am hoping for.