Danny Westneat for the Seattle Times:

I had to end my bus life eventually (I have kids to ferry around). I knew I’d had enough after that time two buses in a row passed me by. I found myself growing bitter, cursing if the addled driver tried to cram more riders on (after cramming me on, of course). This isn’t me, I thought. The bus life in boomtown was turning me into that get-off-my-lawn guy!

So I got a car and life got easier. For me. I see my old bus buddies still lined up at the stops, sometimes three-dozen deep. Will it come? Will they get on? Will government leaders get their acts together and figure out how to provide services with all this growth?

It’s a crapshoot in the world-class city.

Just spend a couple of days in Munich and was reminded again of what good public transportation looks and feels like. West Coast cities, probably most American cities for that matter, ignored the need for public transportation for so long that by now it feels the answer lies somewhere in the UBER future. But we most likely gotten that excuse for the past several decades of political ignorance already. It’s just getting more and more expensive to consider a good subway system build from scratch for a major metropolitan area. And yet, Stuttgart 21 is being built and although extremely expensive it is, it promises the future of travel in Europe. Our family took the ICE from Stuttgart to Munich, a 3+hr drive with the car turned into a comfortable and enjoyable 2+hr train ride.

First entry in my collection of #thoughtsfromEurope. There will be a few. Some longer, some shorter.

I love my work here. Love the focus on technology. Love getting up and stepping on to the computer and work on great and interesting projects utilizing my skills I obtained working for years on the Mac. I love modern communication and the feeling of being fully connected and plugged in.

But only during the week, only 8-5.

On Weekends when things slow down, and they should, I feel lost. I have nothing to do here and the weekends calls with awesome stuff to do, I’m just on the wrong continent for it.

I miss the cakes, the hikes and walks and friends and the beer and the millions of easy, free, cheap, simple, close by things one can do by just stepping out the front door and meeting with friends. Already, less than a week back and I miss it.

From my good friend Doug:

Road trips are a part of American’s identity. Being able to drive from Washington State to Montana and Wyoming, across the mighty Rocky Mountains and over the Continental Divide is an in- credible experience that everyone should have, at least once. The drive to Yellowstone takes you from the edge of a temperate rainforest, through the desolation of Eastern Washington, through the pine forests of Northern Idaho and into the land we all know as Big Sky Country. 

Need plans for the Summer? This book is for you.

Departmet of Interior:

Just over 40 of these exceedingly rare national park posters have since resurfaced and are in National Park Service archives, the Library of Congress and with private collectors. Through the course of two decades and extensive research, Doug Leen and his company, Ranger Doug’s Enterprises have not only painstakingly reproduced the 14 original WPA designs but also—working in collaboration with individual parks—created and screen printed more than 25 new designs “in the style of” the WPA artists.

What a great treasure. Would love to see every poster online.

Online mapping service Google Maps temporarily mislabeled a square in central Berlin with its former Nazi-era name: Adolf Hitler Square. Google couldn’t explain the error when contacted by reporters but said they were looking into the matter.

Just make sure maps in and around San Francisco are correct. That’ll keep the investors happy.

Der Spiegel:

The dream that many young Germans have of experiencing the great freedoms of America for a year.

Damn, this is a fucking tragic story. Kid steals beer out of neighbor’s fridge and gets killed by the home owner who’d gotten twice before robbed in recent history and has a little baby at home.

In the end it’s a classic and yet sadly horrific cultural misunderstanding. America, because if it’s endless love for guns and self-protection is a very dangerous place. A deep sense of mistrust of our neighbors and fear of strangers. Paired with an entitlement of being ones superhero.

We made this bed.


The wolves didn’t only cull the out of control elk population in the park, but they actually restructured where animals lived. This has allowed previously suffering species of both animals and plants to flourish within a few short years.

This is so incredible.

The World’s Best Restaurants list is back and here are the highlights for me:

NOMA back at #1.

Eleven Madison Park at #4. Highest ranked US restaurant, part of Danny Meyer group. Well deserved.

Germany’s Vendome comes in at #12, Aqua at #28, Tim Raue at #78, and the epic Die Schwarzwaldstube at #83.

The Test Kitchen in Cape Town at #48 looks incredible.

Increasingly those lists are considering the entire globe, not just Europe and the US, which is great.

And I love that the write-ups include a focus on the interior of the restaurant and the overall experience for the diner. Restaurant eating on that scale, and really on ever scale always includes the taste of the food and the experience in the restaurant. Those things are married together and create a holistic experience.

Now I’m hungry!

A whole website dedicated to gondolas and ‘Cable Propelled Transit’?

This is so very cool.

In The Atlantic:

Melissa Arnot, the Eddie Bauer-sponsored American mountaineer who has summitted Everest five times, had a Sherpa die on an expedition of hers in 2010. Reflecting on this in 2013, she told Schaffer: “My passion created an industry that fosters people dying. It supports humans as disposable, as usable, and that is the hardest thing to come to terms with.”

Adventure Consultants:

The news that as many as 16 Climbing Sherpa have perished in the icefall yesterday is coming through today, and we have lost 3 of our Sherpas from the Adventure Consultants team.

That is horrific news. The climbing season is in full swing and many teams are assembled at Basecamp to get themselves in position to scale the mountain.

Go out there and experience something amazing.

To the Enchanted Valley with Exotic Hikes:

Tucked away in the rain-soaked southwestern corner of Olympic National Park, this rainforest provides amazing views, well-marked trails and world class experiences, all on relatively flat trails by Olympic standards. With bear, elk, salmon, eagles, deer, coyotes and other assorted wildlife, hiking here should be added to anyone’s hiking bucket list.

And to connect this to the last post: What would be the best device to take on a trip like this?

iPhone only? iPhone with iPad mini? None of the above and a phablet? Questions!

Anthony Bourdain is back. And I can’t wait.

On Skift:

Bourdain explains his team’s strategy with typical coarseness: “We are constantly asking ourselves, first and foremost, what is the most (messed) up thing we can do next week?”

Skihut in Austria, sponsored by Audi Quattro. How it’s done.

Tradition meets cutting edge modern design. Breath-taking.

You cannot stay on the mountain forever. You have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least still know.
–Rene Daumel, Mont Analogue

And if you need a good image search.

Love OMA’s work. Rem Koolhass has been my favorite architect for years. When it comes to bold, unique but smart structures he’s ahead of the pack by lightyears. What he designs is groundbreaking but well-thoughtout. There’s a sense of purpose to the apparent madness that I am missing in most ‘out there’ architects.

This looks perfect for taking the iPhone on hiking trips.

Or is there a better solution for keeping your phone juiced in the outdoors?

Outside Magazine selects it’s best place for trail running:

The Dolo­mites of northern Italy. You’ll find 10,000-foot spires, rollicking trails, ­supreme landscapes, and cushy huts within solid running distance.

How convenient. That’s where I wanna go this Summer.

Flight MH370 is still missing. No answers, no idea where it may be. We need to find the plane and the black boxes to figure out what happened.

There’s no good reason why this information has to be locked into boxes that go down with the plane. Indeed, the technology needed to stream crucial flight data to the ground is already on the market. It’s made by a Canadian company called FLYHT, and can be fitted to an airliner for less than $100,000.