Gizmodo thinks so, and I can’t disagree. Although the fact that Russia boycotted the Games will always be a sore spot in the Games history of the times. Just like Munich’s massacre will be always remembered. Which is really a big bummer, because Munich did many many things right for those Games. The artwork and branding were stunning. The architecture smart and iconic. The civic integration brilliant. The Games in Munich helped propel Munich onto the world scene and make it the number one city in Germany for many years, while the Wall was still up. And even now, Munich is still considered The New York and San Francisco of Germany in one city. A Weltdorf. A cosmopolitan town, as it is lovingly called by many Bavarians for combining traditional charm and global flair. In many regards it’s still the number 1 sports city in Germany, in both Summer and Winter sports. I wish they would’ve won the bid for the Games in 2018.