This past weekend I had my one year Running Anniversary, if there is such a thing. But according to Runkeeper I’ve started tracking runs, hikes and walks on October 20th of last year and in this time I’ve logged 1,511km in total, burned 136,510 calories and completed 200 activities.

June was the month with the the most activities of 24. On July 20th I ran my farthest distance of 25.7km and on October 15th my fastest average time of 4:49min per km.

Early on in my running over the Winter I had gotten hurt twice, which slowed me down quite a bit. Once on my knee, which is always scary, and more out of a precaution I stop running for a bit. And then later on in February when I was on a solid stretch, I twisted my ankle and I thought I was going to die. But luckily it healed up fast and I was able to continue.

I snowshoed at Hurricane Ridge and hiked Mt Ellinor on one of the last days of Winter. I took the family to Sunrise and Paradise on Mt Rainier and we hiked at Lake Quinault and went to Marymere Falls at Lake Crescent. With Doug I also hiked deep into The Brother’s Wilderness above Lena Lake twice and to close the season off my family went to Mt St. Helen’s and the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood.

The highlight of this year’s running was definitely my run across the Golden Gate Bride in San Francisco earlier in September. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for someone who doesn’t live in the area. On a business trip early in the mornings I took a cab from my hotel to the entrance of the Bridge covered in morning fog. Still very much in the dark I ran the Bridge all the way across and back. What a feeling, what a thrill, with the cars rushing by me and still being so dark that you couldn’t see the water below. Back across I ran along the water and made my way through a city I had never been in before heading back to my hotel. It was an incredible feeling, experiencing and exploring a city like this.

For most of my adult life I hated running, hated the idea, hated runners, hater the solitude, the monotony and the competitiveness of the races.

Now I’m hooked. I’m running 3-5 times a week early in the mornings while the kids are still sleeping and aside from feeling healthy I am feeling a lot happier.

I have some goals for what lies ahead. Am cautiously thinking of doing my first race. Am longing to get more into trail running and would’ve loved to attempt Mt Ellinor in the Summer running, not just hiking. A marathon distance is also now very possible, but for now my life has changed, and for the better. Days when I don’t get up and run I feel out of sync and something’s missing.

I’m a runner now, I guess.