Dan Benjamin redesigned the 5by5 Network website.

Very nicely done.
The site is now laid out to allow for a bigger selection of shows to be easily accessible and is promoting a wider variety of shows, that go beyond the Mac/Web/Tech mission it used to promote. Perhaps this is a response to Mike leaving the network with his popular ‘Let’s Make Mistakes’ podcast and starting his Muleradio, which right of the bat included a broader scope of shows and topics.

Another new element on the site is the inclusion of The Deck Network advertising platform a popular ad network by Coudal out of Chicago. All the cool kids have it on their site. Very nice addition!

Don’t like the new logo though, Dan. The old one was cooler, more distinct, properly branded. The new one looks rushed.

Why am I interested in stuff like this, you ask?

Every day, the tech world is trailblazing new ideas, technologies and mediums of communication, but often get stuck in just talking about themselves. Which sells, I get that and beyond selling also allows for a constant flow of new material. Companies release new software, a new iPad is announced a technology feature debated over. Not many other genres offer the same steady stream of interesting conversation material. Yes, politics and sports is not nearly as interesting and certainly more divisive. But the fascinating challenge for me still remains, can we break into a wider scope of genres and be successful? When tech talks about tech people that work in tech listen. They are already in front of their computers. But what about rock climbers, horse lovers, small biz owners? You get the idea.

I hate to say it, but mommy bloggers are the closest genre we have from people successfully breaking into a new genre.