6 years, to the week, to the day, almost, I’m closing the studio, which once was a store in downtown Olympia.
When I moved here with my family we had different dreams. Dreams way bigger than a single shop on the corner of State and Washington. But life happens, when you’re busy making other plans, right?

So, 2007 the global economy melted and people didn’t shop anymore, and the Euro recovered faster than the Dollar and importing cool home products and housewares didn’t make sense anymore.
It would’ve helped if downtown would’ve tried to recover, but I shifted the focus of my shop and tried to help my neighborhood. I build events, ran promotions that spilled from our shop onto the sidewalk and I closed the street more often than any other shop in downtown. And in one year organized more events than the Downtown Association that has a full-time staff to do those kind of things. That was exhausting.
I used the platforms I had built over the years and expanded the voice of my business by creating event websites for Arts Walk and the Table for Olympia. For over 5 years Everyday Olympia was a local news and opinion website that I expanded when later added Einmaleins TV. Which I all mummified earlier this year after over 200 shows and thousands of blog posts.

Yeah, I tried a lot and I still do, but why am I doing it?

The business has always been and is still called Einmaleins. “The most basic of something” or “the ABC” of whatever I’m doing. I tried to be simple and yet, the business was anything but. A businesses single focus is to make money. Make more money than you spend and you succeed. But I wanted it to be anything but that. I aimed to be an inspiration. I created community because I love people and I care about our environment and the people I do business with.
I am building something that beautiful and different and long-lasting.

Which brings us to August 2013 and beyond.

In short, after all these years I am consolidating and taking the studio virtual. That’s what all the cool kids do these days. I will work from home, work from coffee shops and directly out of our client’s office. That’s what they hired me to do, and I don’t mind the change at all. It’s a decision to be smarter in the business and spend less. And it’s a decision to leave the studio space in downtown behind and evolve yet again into the next phase of Einmaleins.
Einmaleins reduces it’s footprint in downtown to expand it’s client reach globally.
I’ll continue to build website, consult with clients on their marketing and branding needs and I’ll continue to create promotional material, be it in print, video or even build apps.

A few practical words to our clients and friends.

All your files are safe with us. The servers are not moving and I’m still there to take care of all your current and upcoming needs. You won’t be able spontaneously drop by anymore, but I’m still 100% committed to the great customer service and to delivering outstanding products for you.

This Friday August 30th from 3pm – 5pm and Saturday, August 31st from 10am – 1pm I’ll be down at the studio and I have a few good things to give away. Some shelves, cool records, books, bar stools, chairs, monitors, computers. Some things will cost a few bucks, but it would be awesome if you stop by and say ‘hey’ and help us clear out the space.

I love that you’re still with me, really!

A huge thank you from me and my family for reading my emails and Facebook updates over all those years. For watching my videos and listening to the podcasts. For buying the cookbooks and baking stones, water bottles and messenger bags. For trusting me to build your websites and consulting on your online marketing campaigns.
For being friends, and clients, neighbors and coworkers.
Thank you.

And yeah, I’m still trying to make the world a better place.
I’m just doing it a bit different, yet again.