Peter Nixey offers some solutions to Apple’s photo mess:

Make iPhoto on the iPad and the iPhone work well. Make them do clever things to give me fast access to my photos from the cloud. You did it for iTunes, let’s bring the magic a second time. Let me harness power of that splendid little device direct from the loo.

A couple things he didn’t touch on, I want to throw in the mix to consider:

What photos show up on my Apple TV stream? How can I easily access them and change around which ones to show there. My family has very much enjoyed having the pictures be beamed to my screen, but I have no idea what pictures show up there and half the time I can’t update/change the pictures on there.

Families often manage multiple iDevices and take pictures on them, how can this be brought together in a way that it’s completely synced and works for everyone?

File Transporter by Connected Data offers Dropbox-like features of wireless home-sharing. Which could take on some of the tasks, but only iPhoto treats images like photos and not like files. You need to be able to manipulate them, edit them and share them easily across devices.

Hopefully Apple will solve this mess, for us and for our kids.