From my earlier Tweetstorm this morning, and now extended (what a deal!):

Most people being annoyed with Apple about the lack of app store curation are missing the main point of the app store: 1.5 million apps are impossible to curate. Unless you become more obvious selective and thus you alienate developers. Apple sees the App Store as a warehouse for all apps. A warehouse is not a good place to get inspired to find new things. But it’s a great place to pickup cheap things in bulk. App Store = Home Deport/CostCo/Target. None of the big department stores are good places to discover great things. You might be able to purchase them there, but you need to discover them elsewhere. What people are looking for is careful curation and editorial recommendation. This needs to come from third party ‘magazine-style’ voice. Few month ago someone tried a website like that. Not sure what happened with it. But successful curation could lead to increased prices too. Apps turn into brands. Think Monument Valley. Vesper. Do consumers want higher prices? Perhaps, if it leads to a better product. Many top fashion brands can charge higher prices because other people talk about them. This is great for brands. And app developers.

So, why hasn’t anyone broken through reviewing and selecting apps? Really well-done apps for productivity, utility, fun and learning?

Perhaps our needs are too varied. Perhaps the margins aren’t there. It’s about finding the right business model, trying this ‘Wirecutter-style’ just with affiliate links won’t create enough revenue.

But this curation has worked for many product categories, I believe it can work for apps as well.

The goal of the website/publication as to be, that it becomes a first choice, first place for people to visit who are looking for an app.

Facebook has a lot of monetary success with mobile ads suggesting apps on their platform. Perhaps that is what’s needed, a Deck-like advertising network promoting only really, really cool apps that all become must-have apps, and the delivery vehicle could be a cool integration into existing apps and online, mobile magazines. It just needs to be done tasteful, curated and smart.

Get on that, will ya.