Isn’t it surprising and interesting to see Adidas making waves in the outdoor outfitting arena? All of a sudden you see Adidas clothes in REIs and other outdoor retailers across the country. But even more surprising is their serious approach to sponsoring athletes and adventurers on all levels and areas of activity. This must be a serious threat to the North Faces and Mountain Hardwares of the world.

The other interesting thing I am noticing is that good footage, coverage and access to stories can be found often directly from the sponsor and supplier of the gear. Patagonia has been doing this for years, prominently adding movies and showcasing pictures of climbs to the front page.

But with the Dawn Wall expedition especially you get the best coverage straight from Adidas and Patagonia. Not outdoor magazine/publication in sight. Yes, there will be a documentary released by an outdoor/adventure shooting company, but the initial coverage leapfrogged the ‘bloggers and genre journalists’ and went straight to the New York Times and the sponsors.

What’s also worth noting is that currently all promotional marketing Adidas is doing is being directed to which is just a online store page with a few products, barely any description and certainly no lifestyle around it. Really shocking, I can’t imagine that this would lead to any conversion or sales like that. The website needs more direct engagement for the potential buyer.

PS: Adidas is not a sponsor of this site – yet.