Alex made the announcement on Twitter this week.

The show will be called 4 Points and he’ll co-host it with Alison Haislip.

From their Twitter bio:

4 Points with @AlexAlbrecht & @AlisonHaislip, a pop culture/tech talk show coming soon to The Nerdist Channel on YouTube.

Sounds very L.A.

Alex seem to still have some Diggnation left in him found himself a new girl, I mean co-host, after he and Kevin Rose shut the popular show down at the end of 2011. Kevin has been in stealth mode after closing OINK fairly sudden and joining the evil colossus in town, Google.

4 Points had some trouble with their Twitter account, after Twitter decided to shut it down thinking it was spam. So there was a back and forth last week after which they settled on a new account to avoid further confusion.

I’m fascinated with indy broadcasting and wish them success.