Kevin Rose’s North Technologies recently launched a little pet app called ‘Watchville‘. It’s a fun little app for watch enthusiasts, hardly a mass market product. Aside from some watch setting tools it offers a ‘feed stream’ to the most popular watch blogs around. It’s niche. It’s cute. But.

It made me think.

Kottke and others have decried the fact that blogs aren’t found anymore. RSS is dead and social trounces out everything. Content is being brought to us from all sides, every moment of our lives. We don’t need curators anymore.

The Watchville app is curation, with just a bit more stuff.

What if?

The Watchville style app could become a app building engine/tool. The basic idea of the app could be refashioned as a customizable reader for curating favorite blogs in a app for reading and following you favorite blogs. One could add custom feeds for following your favorite blogs. But if the app could become an WP style engine and template. Every blogger could launch their own ‘Watchville’ app in the app store. Curators like Gruber and Kottke could have their own app in the store, filled with their curated content, and a little bit more.

Perhaps there is something there.