…every time someone proposes an anti-sprawl measure like denser development along the lines of established infrastructure, car lovers cry murder to their individual freedom. But in some ways, it’s already dead.

Brilliant piece by Eric Jaffe in the Atlantic CITIES. Read the whole damn thing.

I remember visiting Dresden for the first time years ago as part of a conference in the city. There were over 16,000 people attending, so I definitely wasn’t alone, but because of the track I had chosen, I was wondering through the streets from workshop to workshop by myself. When I got hungry, I turned to a McDonalds on the main street and I remember the feeling of utter comfort when taking my tray of familiar food, sitting in a familiar booth. In a weird and twisted way, I felt home.

 “The Egyptians have pyramids, the Chinese have a Great Wall, the British have immaculate lawns, the Germans have castles, the Dutch have canals, the Italians have grand churches. And Americans have shopping centers.”