He wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
Steve Jobs left us with all the tools we need to make this world a better place. And I am not talking about his iDevices.

Now, more then ever, his words, that he always hid so clever and humbly behind his big actions, shine through, can stand on their own, and require attention.

We all have our story, here’s mine.

My first encounter with a Mac, was my good friends Werner’s Mac. On it, I designed and learned to dream, and turn ideas into a brand for his ONE bookstore.
But it wasn’t just the tool that was available to me, that sold me. Werner breathed and exemplified what so many of the early die-hard apple fans stood for: He really believed the “Think Different” mantra. And so for me, using a Mac wasn’t just about getting a task done, but about buying into this world-view.
Inadvertently, while using a Mac for the first time, I had sold my life to this conviction.

It was clear that I would never own anything but a Mac, because I have had the taste of what a computer could do for my life. How it could enrich me, transform and enable me to achieve me dreams.

And so, while I bought into the dream as an adolescence, I took my first step in stepping out and living my life ‘Thinking Differently’.

The first Mac I owned for myself was an tangerine iBook. Man, was I proud of being one of the first people that bought into the lifestyle of mobile computing. The coffee-shop connections, the carry-your-life-with-you generation.
I got it while visiting my fiancé, now wife Trixy in Seattle Washington, and when we arrived back in Stuttgart Germany, I was almost more excited to show off the iBook, then my fiancé.

Getting my own Mac made me stop play the guitar, and I never miss it. Through the Mac I found my voice.

For me, the Mac has always been a tool that helped me create my life. I was happy that no games were available, I wanted to create, research, try things out and investigate. Not with a screw-driver like many of my Windows friends, but with a mouse, a text editor and Photoshop, building web pages, designing communication platforms, building brands and strategies.

Fast forward to today, I’m typing these words on my iPad. The iPad, that became such an incredible tool for writing, which I never thought I would be able to conquer.

Now the future is here. Our past had been shaped in so many ways by the products of Apple and the philosophy of Steve Jobs. His philosophy will ensure, that the products will enable us to continue to drive this world forward for years to come . Yet it is his philosophy, that  will be a constant reminder. We can’t rely on tools, can’t apologize for our circumstances, or find excuses in mediocrity.

We only have one life to live. No one can live it but ourselves, we have to jump in and embrace it fully. Grab every opportunity and do the damn best we can, with every breath we have left and strive for excellence.

Or as Steve would put it: aim to put a ding into the universe.