Here we have the European Championship after the World Cup the most beautiful soccer tournament and one of my favorite part is the group stages and the consequential numbers game that unfold on which the circumstances and probabilities are put together on which scenario what team advances to the knock-out stages.

Read for yourself:
Groub B:

• Germany are not quite through, but will be as group winners if they draw. They will be knocked out, though, if they lose to Denmark by any result other than a one-goal defeat in which Germany score at least two AND Portugal win.

• Denmark will progress with any win. A draw will only be good enough if Portugal lose. If Denmark lose they are out.

• Portugal will be through with victory unless Denmark win by a one-goal margin (other than 2-1 and 1-0). They will progress with a draw unless Denmark win. Portugal will also be through if they lose by a one-goal margin and Denmark are also beaten.

And winning a group or coming in second will determine which team will become their next opponent. And consequential what bracket route a team will have to take to get to the final.

So fantastic.