Angry Birds, the popular game by Finnish company Rovio will be as big as Nintendo’s Mario Bros!
Yes, you’re welcome to file this for future claim chowder if you must. But I believe that Angry Birds has the change to being as big as Mario Bros.
Yes, Mario Bros. will always be like The Beatles of video games. The one that started it all. The one that brought video games into every living room, but Angry Birds redefined the genre, opened up the platform.

It’s a simple game, that can be played virtually everywhere on almost any device.
It’s fun and each level is short, this fits into our times, where we are increasingly mobile and the living room TV is not our only source of electronic entertainment anymore. Angry Birds is played by many people, not just the gamers, and Angry Birds has already created products and memes that reach far beyond the actual game.

Of course, this will piss people off, especially the ones that grew up with Mario Bros. played it when they were younger and still have warm and fuzzy feelings towards the game out of nostalgia. Now they are grown up and don’t play as many games anymore so they can’t imagine that there will be ever any other game like the one in the good old days.
But, who am I to speak. I barely every played Mario Bros. only on the Gameboy but I love Angry Birds, and for me, a non-gamer, to enjoy a game so much, is the indicator that jthis game has more wide appeal then the average run of the Jill computer game, and that those little birds are something special. At least as special as those funny plumbers.