Farhad Manjoo on Slate:

Amazon just did a boneheaded thing, and it deserves all the scorn you want to heap on it.

So far, what we expect, but then he turns the focus around to the indy bookstores:

There is little that’s “local” about most local bookstores. Unlike a farmers’ market, which connects you with the people who are seasonally and sustainably tending crops within driving distance of your house, an independent bookstore’s shelves don’t have much to do with your community.

Wow, I can agree with that. I remember when I first visited indy bookstores in the Pacific Northwest. Not many were of the quality and standard I was used to when it came to in-store experience and community engagement. Things I expect from a local indy bookstore and had build back in Germany.

Of course, there are always a few exceptions. But most of them layered on top of the comfy couches, political views and cats, oh my cats, how I loath them.