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Another startup tackling the insanity of trying to offer a calendar/ integration and replacement.

This is such a tough area to play in. You gotta really convince people to switch their tools, which requires a learning curve and for people to really buy into a new system. Most often then not, that system looks shiny at first, but by the time the shine wears off you realize that it’s not the best solution. Either it’s too simple, or overly complicated. The app might be slow, or buggy or all of the above. I’ve been using various apps with very mixed results over the last few months, and I can’t say that I love any of them in the longterm. Yes, if I pay for the app or service I feel better because I in theory know that I can ask for customer support and I can hope and somewhat expect that they stick around and are interested in not just scaling and selling but actually serving their customers. But even that doesn’t always guarantee continuity.

We shall see what Any.Do can do, I suppose.