After the Sounders crushing win over LA Galaxy last night everyone was talking about why the LA coach Arena left some of his star players at home.

Even among the Sounders players and fans who should have been just happy with the win, there was a deeper emotion – the feeling that LA Galaxy had insulted them by withdrawing so many of their big names.

Are the Sounders already turning into Barcelona or Madrid, where other teams are so scared off that they are not even attempting to compete?

That can hardly be case, as LA is at least as strong, last year’s MLS Cup winner and big rival of the Sounders in the Western Division.

But the turf and the schedule is two things the MLS has to look into.

Having different teams play on different turf is hard on teams and something that needs to be addressed in the near future to level the playing field.

Also, the schedule, that some teams have already played a lot more games than others and schedule fluctuate so much across the league seems counterproductive and is confusing for fans and coaches.

And with the news that American Football is increasingly having to explain themselves about if the violence makes for a healthy and sustainable future, the call for real grass on Seattle’s Century Link field might increasingly fall on open ears. After all the Sounders had over 39,000 fans attending yesterday’s mid-week game.