What are you even planning on doing now that Bon Iver is over? Apparently, you’re working on some other project? Yeah, good luck with that. That move always goes over super well for musicians.

Funny as this article is, and it certainly is worth reading just for the laughs, but there is also another interesting thought in there:

When do you know that you have arrived? And what do you do when you are there? How do you deal with it?
Bon Iver can do whatever he wants. He has made money, has arrived and can creatively reinvent himself.
But do you know what ‘arrival’ feels like? We all have our dreams and aspirations. We all have a picture in our head of what the future could hold for us and what we are willing to do for it. But most of the time the road takes different turns and when we arrive it doesn’t announce itself. Will you be happy? Will you be content?

Don’t throw it away and don’t settle if it doesn’t feel right. You gotta trust your guts, but don’t be be surprised if ‘arrival’ feels and looks different than the plans you had in your head.