Jason and team are closing the 37Signals brand and are going all in on Basecamp as their sole product.

Moving forward, we will be a one product company. That product will be Basecamp. Our entire company will rally around Basecamp. With our whole team – from design to development to customer service to ops – focused on one thing, Basecamp will continue to get better in every direction and on every dimension.

Ambitious and courageous. Kudos on that.

All their other products are going to the software graveyard over time.

37Signals or Basecamp as a company has always been about simplifying and consolidating. If there is any company that has taken the Apple approach to the next level it’s been them.

Here is what I am seeing for the future: Box, Dropbox are following down a path to become the next generation of operating systems. A platform for file system and storage, collaboration and app support.

Google has shown everyone how reasonably effortless this can be accomplished in today’s ‘always-on’ and fully connected world of computing.

The device becomes a mere portal into a fully cloud-hosted environment.

To add my 2 cents to the claim chowder pile, I believe Basecamp is wanting to go into the same direction. Like the successful Box or Dropbox: One company, one app. Bringing the functionally of their other apps slowly into the current Basecamp as they see fit, probably charging more for add-ons to the same system rather than new apps with new prices.

Just slowly and deliberately, self-funded, without millions of VC cash, the 37Signals, I mean Basecamp-way.