In most stereotypical relationships the home decorating is left to the wife/woman of the house. And I have a super-creative one, so this is an easy decision to make. ‘I leave it to you honey” is not a derogatory statement, although I would never call her ‘honey’.

But I am European, thus have the creative itch in me that goes beyond the average American man who’s deciding the colors of their life based on their favorite sports team.

So, what to do? There’s never a dispute or fight in our house about who gets to do or design what. But one does have to find it’s space to express themselves.

Enter, the bathroom.

This is the place for men to express themselves creatively. Okay, this can go into so many wrong directions.

But I mean it. A room, that’s predominately a place for function. The practical brain will prevail and find beauty in the difficult, hard to design space, especially on a tight budget.


There will be a new shower curtain in my near future!