MG Siegler:

Today’s battery technology is holding back several other advances in technology in major ways. And we are about to see just how bad the situation is in the coming months. Maybe wireless power sources that constantly charge and re-charge devices is the ultimate answer. But it just seems like battery technology is really ripe for disruption.

Since we’ve build our lives depending on technology, we are a slave to electricity, in battery form or plugged in. And with our increased mobility this requires strong batteries.

There are many more areas of our lives that are ripe for disruption but aren’t as sexy and more established politized.

I hope as startups are trying to disrupt their own industry and proof to themselves that they can create more than ‘geo-checkin-befriend-rate’ apps, that some of them will take on the difficult areas. Healthcare, food supply, mobility, housing.

Man, housing. Just think about it. We still can’t buy our home on Amazon. Sears tried it decades ago and failed, IKEA is trying to do something like it in Sweden, but no one has broken through. But, we can rate our tacos in four hundred different ways. No wonder Kevin Rose gave up and went working for Google.