Big dilemma, people, Big!

Tomorrow Bayern Munich FC will face Real Madrid in the first of two semi-finals. Over the last two seasons I’ve been following Real due to the fact that they acquired Özil and Khedira, two German National team players. It’s fun to follow a team that wins a lot. My home team I’m forever bound to, Stuttgart is not as consistent, especially on the European stage.

But! The unofficial rule is that on the international club level stage, you are supposed to be supporting your nation’s team. That would mean I’d be rooting for Munich. Which, like the Yankees, I have to have a love-hate relationship with. In the league, I am watching with glee if they loose and don’t take the title year-after-year. In the Champions League, I want them to take it all and win the Cup, or whatever the trophy resembles. German teams are notoriously underperforming in the European Club leagues.

The other semifinal pairing is easy. Barcelona, lead by Messi won the triple last year and is the favorite for everything, all the time. If Messi would star in a cupcake war people would expect him to win. But Barcelona has been limping behind Real in La Liga, and although they kicked out Real in the Cup are not likely to be replicating the triple this year.

Chelsea is England’s last hope for a team in the finals, but they’ve not been so hot lately and won’t stand a chance against Barcelona.

Which means, I want Chelsea to win against Barcelona, to make it easier for … whatever team I may decide to root for, in the finals. Man, if Barca would be defeated in the semi-finals of the Champions League and not win the La Liga this year, I’d be rejoicing!

So, what should I do, who to root for?

Real Madrid, the Spanish team, that’s been tearing it up over the last two seasons and in Spain has been playing the underdog, if you can call Real this, to Barcelona for many years.

Or Munich, the German “Recordmeister”, unarguably the #1 team in Germany in recent history, who’s failed to go all the way in the Champions League, and would be able to play in front of a home crowd in the finals this year.

What effect will have a win by a German or a Spanish team have on the psychology of the players heading into the European Championship later this Summer?

Because in the end, the most important win for me is for the German National Team to win the Euro 2012. Beats it all, every time!

So, nationally biased like any good European soccer fan, I want it all: Munich to win the Champions League, at home, beating both Madrid and Barcelona and Germany to take the Euro 2012.

Will that be possible, please?