Bejing Olympics 4 Year Later

A somber photo series in Die Zeit by David Gray reminds us of the challenges global events like the Olympics leave to the city and it’s people that are left behind after the parade leaves town. Who goes kayaking in Beijng, if not during the Olympics?

I love that the Games travel around the globe, that the IOC symbolically opens new markets and expands horizons. But there is a case to be made to build permanent locations for the Games, that can be used on a regular basis, rather than just constantly investing Billions of Dollars in new locations that are abandoned immediately and never used again.

What a complex issue… I want the Games to go on, the show is amazing. I will never forget my trip to Vancouver in 2010.

Having the Games in different locations creates a huge marketing campaign, not just for the games but for the host nations and cities. So perhaps the abandoned buildings are nothing but old marketing material, that served a purpose and are now being left to rot.

Who can’t remember the iconic images of Sydney in 2000 and many of the cities that hosted the Games have become permanently burned into our memories. Loved living in Munich for a year, close to the Olympic Park build for the Games in 1972. Everything was still in working order, embedded into the city. Beautiful and epic at the same time.