A good friend of mine asked me who is going to take the Champions League crown on Saturday at Wembley.
This is more complicated than my 140 allowed characters in email:
Dortmund are the somewhat the underdogs. It’s the team that no one expected to win this year. If they pull it off it would be huge. But they played almost more consistent in the Champions League, but within the Bundesliga everyone will be the underdog against the ever-so-mighty Bayern.
Dortmund is a team of young players and they probably could get anther chance soon. They players, not perhaps the team.
The Bayern players, Schweinsteiger, Lahm etc are all at the age where it’s now or never for them.
They’ve never won a big Int’l trophy and it would suck for them if they would come in 2nd again. They’ve been close more often over the last few years.
But they are Bayern, the team that everyone outside of Bayern loves to hate.
And they are getting a new coach in the Summer, who comes with the expectations that he needs to win the Champions League.
So, it would be the bigger spectacle in Germany if Dortmund wins on Saturday, but the story line would be: Bayern are the perpetual losers and can’t win a trophy. That would suck for Schweinsteiger and Lahm and his team, and it wouldn’t make for a cool story line.
So… I am rooting for Bayern, because I want them tofully dethrone the Barcalonas and Chelseas of the continent and become the kings of European Soccer.

Germany already is!