Scoble ruined his Glass experience by using it in the shower… told you.

But seriously, the thing is not a product but a sci-fi prototype not ready for production, mainstream and cultural adoption anytime soon and hopefully never.
So many pieces are unfinished, not ready, missing and faulty. Back to the drawing board.

Which reminds me of McDonalds Chicken McNuggets.

Everyone knows McD for their burgers and fries but the McNuggets were the product that projected McDonalds into the stratosphere of fast food chains.

Every big company is known for one thing.  But to establish longterm value and a legacy beyond the founders generation a company needs a ‘second’ hit. For McDonalds it was the McNuggets. For Starbucks the Frappuccino. For Apple it was the iPhone.

What is Google’s second hit after search?