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Over the last two years, since I had restarted this blog I have restraining myself from using A: too many tags and B: I never double tagged.

I gave myself the restriction to just use a few tags to limit my focus and try to hone my voice to just talk about what I find important and not about what the internet finds important any give day. I  didn’t want to be all over the board. But I have changed my focus over the years ever so slightly. Expanded in some ways, pinpointed and sharpened in others.


In light of the upcoming 2nd Anniversary of the rebirth of this blog I will be doing some redesigning around here.

A fresh coat of paint, a little restructuring and a bit of a refocus.

I think I found the groove with this blog, found my voice and found the type of content I want to share with you. And I have found an audience, for which I am very grateful. Thank you dear readers for listening, watching, reading and coming back for more.

More, as the dust settles.

Yes, I am redesigning, also in public, again, this website. Because I feel like it, and because Summer is almost here.

Enjoy the ride.

I just took the password protection of my archived articles from the past 7 month – you’re welcome!

I want to give you, all my amazing readers the best experience on this blog.  And I am trying to figure out how to turn blogging into a business and myself into the next John Gruber ;-).

So, while I continue to tweak, with the design and layout and the model here, I appreciate you all sticking around, following what I have to say and for reading week in and week out – you are all incredible!

If you have ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

Off to the next adventure!

I too am in the process of redesigning this LIVELIFELOUD. For now, a fashionable color change, but we’ll be diving deeper into the code over the next couple of weeks and we’ll try to bring the code structure of this lovely blog into the 21st century.

If you hear screams from downtown… that might be me, wrangling code.

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Thought you should know.

Today is September Eleventh 2011. Ten years ago airplanes hit the twin towers in New York City and the world changed forever. This shock brought America together in spirit. But in the weeks afterwards, gathering places all over the US and the world were under thread and people feared riding the subway, walking over bridges or watching their favorite ballgame in the stadiums.

Luckily, the human spirit prevailed in its desire to gather with others. And so the sporting events, religious gatherings, music and arts festivals continued.

This is a revival of LIVE LIFE LOUD, a weblog that has existed in some form or shape since before the fall of the twin towers. It is time to tell the story of the people of the world that gather, connect and share.

Ubuntu, umuntu, nabanje, bantu – a person is a person through other people.
An African saying.