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Case, case, case_sensitive for your Friday enjoyment!!

With so many great products and code created in the past week, Mathias and Brandon dive first into Panic’s new data visualization tool for iPad, Status Board. They also pick apart Facebook Home, awesome web maps and code for deep-linking to podcasts.

case_sensitive podcast for the world.Brandon calls it our best episode yet:

Brandon highlights SXSW Interactive’s unintentional message that 2013 is a big year for the web. He and Mathias also discuss the fundamental victories and flaws in the design of Google Glass, along with other 2013 user interface paradigm shifts.

I call it another day at the office!

case_sensitive podcast for the world.Episode #23, podcasted with love:

Mathias discusses his quandry with potentially moving his agency into more traditional office space, while Brandon sweats impending SXSW events from Austin. They also sort through the user exerience of booking flights online, the value of conferences like SXSW, boosting creativity with ambient noise and the competition presented by new content management systems.

Brandon and I are back on the air after a long long hiatus due to the Holidays, and traveling around the world and building a design shop:

Mathias catches Brandon up on two months worth of his design studio’s creation, hiring and product management in Olympia, Wash. Brandon, meanwhile, shares lessons learned in design after a month in Kenya building software and hardware for a global audience. They also highlight recent app releases, like Vine and Mailbox, and share adaptive web design ideas, including “responsive typography.”

case_sensitive podcast for the world.The world’s most epic podcast:


It’s all about apps in this week’s episode, starting with Sauce’s browser testing and Air Display’s iPad-as-a-monitor software. Mathias and Brandon also dive into Cobook and Fantastical’s expansion from MacOS X to iOS. And the guys fight through Skype to discuss Twitter and Instagram’s design for control.

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Show notes from this week’s episode:


Mathias and Brandon dedicate 60 minutes to an intense review of “Skyfall,” the latest and highest-grossing 007 film. They discuss the film’s heavy-handed treatment of MI6’s (and for that matter, James Bond’s) argument for crudility. And they offer widely opposing takes on the quality of Skyfall’s villain, Raoul Silva, played by Javier Bardem. If you love the 007 franchise, you’ll love this conversation.

case_sensitive at it’s best, although free of any design talk and with lots of spoilers, in case you haven’t seen the movie.

Boom, we’re back. And oh are we on fire:

Evernote’s latest iOS release collides with Brandon’s latest design work on Crowdmap in a discussion about new touch-inspired UI conventions for navigation. The guys also chat about PandoDaily’s redesign and Forbes’ assertion that mobile users are ‘on the go’ with ‘low attention level.’ Plus, they offer a grab bag of fresh, light-weight developer tools.

Also: Happy weekend!

Your favorite design podcast, back with another terrific episode:

Mathias drops some big news about taking full ownership of a digital design and development studio, while Brandon shares his experience with Philips’ new “Hue” wireless lighting system. The guys also discuss new solutions for the off-canvas menu convention and DIY’s community for young makers.

Coming to you from my living room and from beautiful Austin, TX:

Leadership changes at Apple spark another conversation about “skeuomorphism” and when, if ever, its effective. Mathias and Brandon also run through tricky ways of building a fast website, serving up vector icons and preparing high-resolution images for the web. And the guys discuss Path and Alto, two apps that attempt to re-imagine their respective spaces.

Mountain-climbing, casual gaming, Baseball Word Series and some design talk. All can be found on this week’s fantastic episode of ‘case_sensitive’

Mathias storms down Mount Ellinor in snow shoes to talk about the wisdom of launching small websites, like, that address singular, specific topics. The conversation then turns to focused products, like Letterpress and Boxee TV, whose design resonates stronger than ambitious projects, like Airtime.

Lots of new apps to talk about this week:

It’s all about icons this week, after Mathias wraps up some icon design work and Brandon dwells on whether a ‘Menu’ icon can be brought from user interfaces on mobile to the desktop. Then the guys roll through the design of products launched in the past week, including Lightt, Check the Weather and Tweetbot for Mac.

On epsiode 14, yes that’s correct 2 shows in one week – you’re welcome world, we chat mainly about Marco Arment’s release of ‘The Magazine’:

Mathias and Brandon attempt to determine whether political campaigns are poorly designed, and how they might benefit from digital design principles. They also dig into the business and user interface thinking behind Marco Arment’s “The Magazine” and the txtr beagle.

Delayed by a couple of days and another beautiful weekend, here is ‘case_sensitive‘:

Mathias emerges from the rubble of a hectic launch week to share the story behind his latest client project. Brandon then dives into some design strategy questions he’s facing while building “Ushahidi 3.0,” focused on responsive and progressive enhancement techniques. The guys also discuss work being done to solve problems with Terms of Service on the Internet, Rdio + Microsoft, local development environments and project management apps.

Another fantastic episode, ready for your weekend:

Mathias and Brandon take a swing at defining ‘The Web Aesthetic,’ while weighing Pinterest’s value as a sharing tool for digital designers. They also peek at Vivir, a carefully-designed web app for health care practitioners, and App Press, a web app targeted at graphic designers wanting to create native mobile apps.

New show for you, lucky listeners!

The guys kick off the digital design talk with a review of iOS 6 Maps, followed by Mathias’s experience hiking using a mobile device with no data connection. Brandon also launches into a rant about’s lazy web design, and a plea to designers asking, “What Comes After The Touchscreen?”

We’re back! After moves across the country (Brandon) and long overdue vacation (Mathias) we’re back at the mic and are now recording remotely:

Covering the Pacific Northwest and Texas, Episode 10 discusses the decision-making that goes into the design of hardware peripherals (iPhone dock connectors), frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap) and brands (eBay). They also pick apart web-based workflow tools, like Easel and UXPin, and the performance implications of vector art and CSS animations.

Man, this is fun!

The episode that will tie us over. We’re taking a break from podcasting for some vacation and travel.

I’m on the Washington coast this week and Brandon is traveling to Austin, TX.

But here is us, catching up on the plot twists from many stories discussed in the previous week’s episode, including’s funding, Twitter’s developer announcement, Mixel’s Act II and Square’s new plan. We also dive into sponsored jerseys and new beautiful product launches by Branch, Medium and Grid.

On Friday afternoon Brandon and I met for a beer and discussed:

Design implications of Starbucks signing up for Square, Mixel shutting down without much support for users, Apple and Amazon botching account security, IcoMoon offering a custom web font app and user-backed social service approaching its goal.

We’re back for another fantastically epic episode of ‘case_sensitive‘:

Mathias discusses his plot to redesign Germany, Brandon follows up on his experience developing “style tiles” as a project’s first deliverable, while the guys move onto digital book design and the evolution of “taste” through the prism of movie making — namely the 007 and Batman franchises.

Brandon in the official show notes:

In a bizarre Episode 6, Mathias and Brandon argue about the Olympics, cheating and designers focusing their sights on problems that matter (and pay). Brandon also pitches an evolution to the web browser, helping to bridge the gap between traditional website interaction and “web app” interaction.

Who says bizarre? This was the best episode ever! We talk Olympics, Olympics and Daniel Craig as James Bond.