Budweiser ran a shitty ad during the Superbowl, essentially making fun of craft breweries while in the process of buying them left and right and trying to keep their brands alive. It’s shitty and it’s typical and not surprising. And I am not in anyway defending them.

But the craft breweries have their own hypocrisies to deal with and in their spoof video response (at .20 sec into the commercial) they flash a “since 1979” on the screen. Is that suppose to say that craft breweries have been existing for around 30+ years?

Doesn’t that somewhat discount 100’s if not 1000’s of years of craft brewing expertise from all over the world?

The Weihenstephan Brewery can trace its roots at the abbey to 768, as a document from that year refers to a hop garden in the area paying a tithe to the monastery.

Yeah, they also don’t brew peachy pumpkin ales. They brew beer there. Four ingredients, the way God intended beer to be brewed!