Since I’ve posted the Don’t Watch This on Culture I’ve since had a few very interesting conversations around what our culture is here in the Pacific Northwest. How we build culture and what we use to define it. America is a country that largely defines itself through the work we do, the business we create. Culture naturally will define itself around the business culture. We like coffee shops because Starbucks created them for us. We define our love for the outdoors by often we shop at REI. Yes, those businesses were created in response to our culture, our climate and nature.

But, the question this raises for me is, if we define our local culture around our businesses, how can business help define our culture. We raise our eye-brows, want to keep this separate. But why?

Let’s value the businesses that we have around us, celebrate them as being part of our community and hope that they give back. Triple Bottom-line is a conversation for a new post.