Over the last two years, since I had restarted this blog I have restraining myself from using A: too many tags and B: I never double tagged.

I gave myself the restriction to just use a few tags to limit my focus and try to hone my voice to just talk about what I find important and not about what the internet finds important any give day. I  didn’t want to be all over the board. But I have changed my focus over the years ever so slightly. Expanded in some ways, pinpointed and sharpened in others.

I also wanted you, my readers to know when you come to this blog, what type of stories I would share, find interesting and comment on. This, I think has worked pretty well for me, and hopefully for you too. If I can’t fit a link or article into a certain tag I set, I won’t post it, most of the time. Yes, I have a catch-all tag called “stuff” but I try not to use it too often.

I also only single-tagged each item I posted. Articles that would fit into ‘technology’ and ‘business’ received only one or the other tag. ‘Festival’ and ‘food’ would work perfectly for my link to the vegan Oktoberfest article for example and until now I had to make a choice, but not anymore.

I finally gave in and will be going forward tag articles with as many tags as I find appropriate. This really will only have an effect when you browse for stories in different tags at the bottom of the screen. Now some of the articles will show up in multiple categories and that should be a good thing.

I hope.

PS: I threw this article into ‘stuff’. Just because I also never before tagged ‘articles’ or ‘announcements’, just links in my ‘gathered’ category. What a wild ride.