Every now and then I enjoy watching Europe, reading their news, it seems less bloated with political turmoil. But not anymore. The crises, and Europe’s seemingly inability to properly address it, feels like a cancer on a continent that is too beautiful, too rich in history, too amazing to ignore, yet increasingly feels like business as usual.

Europe on Friday awoke to a changed world. The European idea as we know it is in the process of dissolving into thin air. The monumental postwar project of a peacefully unified continent where all member states hold hands in friendship collapsed overnight.

No interesting in striving for a union.

The grass is definitely not greener on the other side. I’m staying here watching from afar.

But a fantastic article showing a great opportunity:

The euro crisis has exposed a kind of creative momentum that is in the process of creating something new. A new Europe. It is an entity which Chancellor Angela Merkel calls a “fiscal union.” But in reality, Europe is on the path toward becoming a federal country.