As previously mentioned Zappos founder Tony is heavily investing into downtown Las Vegas, moving his companies headquarters down there, along with 2000 employees. And a few startup companies are starting or relocating to Vegas as well. Paul Carr, ex-writer for Techcrunch, boldy announces plans for a startup from Downtown Vegas.

Some of the usual downtown revitalization problems seem easy to solve:

For one thing, the guaranteed injection of 2000 Zappos employees avoids the problem of having to “build it and they will come”. They are coming. Second, Las Vegas is already a world famous city, with excellent transport links and some incredibly wealthy residents…

What strikes me is that this move and focus on Vegas for startups and tech companies makes perfect sense, since most startups are run by men, sorry, it’s true. Most people who work for tech startups work all the time; no reason to have an interesting surrounding, just cheap entertainment. And most people hope to get rich quick, so they can afford their private jets and fly in a whim to places that are actually worth living in.

But, I’ve never been to Vegas, so what do I know?