This baffles Instagram users, like Brandon, who want to be ensured that their social investment is worth the effort:

Truthfully, I’d like to insure my investment by paying Facebook for its service, incentivizing the company to make decisions in my best interest. The greatest announcement or product update I could receive today from Facebook, Path or Twitter is that they will begin charging money for their service.

But currently you can’t. For none of the popular services. In fact, monetizing is frowned upon by VCs. Which is sad and unsettling, and the only response I can offer is that none of the technologies we’ve invested in over the past few decades, paid or free, stayed long enough around. Just imagine if you invested in, paid for, VCRs or record players. You too were left in the dust. So the only answer I can offer, which is not the least comforting:

Change is inevitable, move with it.

Which definitely will be something I talk about with Brandon on an upcoming podcast.