What’s interesting about this intergration is that Google tried for years to be integrated into the OS. They got as far as the browser and some apps, like the Address Book.  Would you call that the same “system-wide” integration as popular tools like Facebook and Twitter are now enjoying? And does Apple allow the integration because they are not interested themselves or rather royally suck at social media and will this change if Facebook launches it’s own phone, or Twitter it’s own TV show?

It seems to me that, as long as this integration has the potential to drive hardware sales for Apple, they are interested in collaborating and allowing integration with other services. As soon as those relationships turn into competition they cut the connection. But in the meantime they learned a lot about user behavior and are able to evaluate if they should ignore it and go with it, like they did with the unified search bar/input field in Safari 6 or build their own offering like they did with Google maps.