Steve Jobs talked about ‘putting a ding into the universe‘. That’s why Apple existed. That was Steve Jobs’ motivation and that’s why anyone would want to work at Apple.

So, why are all the cool designers working/or starting to work for Facebook?

Perhaps I am simplifying here, of course the paycheck, perks etc. are all important and might be the only driver in certain circumstances.
Also, with Facebook it can’t be the cache in the community. Surely no one thinks that Facebook is the cool company in town, right?

I wonder what it is. I really do. I wish someone would speak out and say something, but usually once they are bought by the big corporations the blogs go silent and the Twitter accounts are being reduced to photo-sharing of great vacation trips abroad.

The stuff that Facebook is releasing is increasingly “nice”. Really nice. iOS apps, Android strategy and the website doesn’t suck either. But, what is the company all about? Sharing stuff in exchange for advertising revenue? Facebook is the evolution of reality TV. Not a ‘ding in the universe’ by any stretch of the imagination.