“Nutella was something above average, something which was not a necessity,” she says.

“It was something very sweet and modern and different from the classic sweets in Italy… So, to Italians it meant both modernity and the possibility of giving yourself a treat.”

What I love about European global brands is their uncompromising dedicated to a single perfected product.

There are no 200 different Nutella flavors, no white chocolate, no dark chocolate, no gluten-free and no light, diet or sugar free version. Not even a partnership with Mars, luckily.

This is how you can conquer the world with your product and manage the destructive reality of the law of diminishing returns almost every American brand falls victim too.

When I first came over here to the Pacific Northwest Nutella was one of the few products you could hardly find anywhere. Now a decade later everyone knows about it, but the product tastes just as delicious today as it has all my years growing up.

A few weeks I responded to a tweet about how food brands don’t scale on a global level and I Immediately thought of Nutella. But there are more brands like that. Mostly European brands perfecting one single product and putting everything they have into holding their products to the highest standards.

Have you ever tasted knock-off chocolate nut spread by crappy competitors? Gross. All of them.