Cool article by NBC to highlight each countries focus on ‘their Olympics’. They team and team heroes.

That’s the wonder of the Games. They are so colossal, so sweeping, that every sporting nation sees it through its own prism. We are watching an American Olympics, which is different from a Finnish Olympics, which is different from a Chinese Olympics, which is different from a French Olympics. The Olympics bring the world together. And, at the same time, the world stays apart.

Of course, we follow ‘our people’ and their stories. But it’s the networks choosing. Living in the US it was impossible before the internet to get any information on other athletes? Why was that? Because NBC didn’t care about any other sport than those were Americans were metal contenders.

Other countries might have the same, or similar slanted coverage, but the time will come when this will blend together and there will be coverage where the fan/viewer can pick and choose their favorite events.

The article highlights other countries, but in the end just creates a justification for their own slanted, or lazy coverage. There are more stories out there, and people increasingly don’t want to be spoon fed and see only what Bob Costas cares about and whose names he can pronounce.

If the Olympics bring people together the future lies in a TV coverage that echoes that.