flameI did it! Last weekend we went up North to Vancouver B.C. to be part of the Olympics.

Of course, I’ve been talking about this since weeks now, have been following every event and cheering for every medal. So this Saturday, with the sky so blue and the sun so lovely I did the most crazy thing I’ve done in awhile. I spontanously packed up the family and drove to Vancouver B.C.

Well, here is how I did it.
We left Saturday evening, I closed the store at 6pm and including a trip to McD for fries for the Kiddies we were on the I-5 just after 7pm – that surely is a new record, considering that we had two Kids to pack up!

Shortly after 9:30pm we rolled into Blaine, WA. I hope no cops read this, but we had clear roads and I didn’t break the speed limit much ;-). We spend the night at my in-law’s home and got ready for the next day.

At 8:30am the next day the my aunt and uncle-in-law picked me and my wife up (kiddies stayed with grandpa and “yaya” – they had a great time, not just my Kids ;-) ) and we headed for the border. With passports but no coffee we headed into Canada and were surprised at the empty roads and marveled at the majestic mountains hugging the skyline of Vancouver. This truely is one of the most magical and amazing cities in the world.

Next, Skytrain into Downtown, finding the Olympic flame and some breakfast. Tim Horton’s took Gold and the Flame took Silver – we needed to fuel up for a big day of walking, taking pictures and taking in the amazing atmosphere. The city was humming, vibrating. We only then realized that this would be the big day of the Canada – USA hockey game so every Live City viewing event and fan zone was overrun with people and the lines were enormously long to get into anything – even the Olympic Superstore to buy some swag.

But, not to worry, the city has enough to offer that we weren’t disapointed. Stops in Gastown, Robson St/Square and Yaletown made for a great first half of the day. After lunch and the 2nd attempt to get into a Live City event in Yaletown we walked over to the water (Vancouver has amazing water access… you can almost walk around the whole city along the water, almost everything is public access!). There we found the water taxi that took us to Granville Island. Grandville Island, if you never been in Vancouver before is the definite stop you HAVE TO MAKE, if you go visit and I can only describe it, that if heaven won’t be as cool as Granville Island, then I will have to have a serious talk with the person in charge ;-)
A year-round indoor Farmer’s Market with tons of amazing stands, booth and wares to look at, breathe in and purchase – really, very close to heaven. Outside, artist galleries and studio space, all along the water in perfect walking distance on cobblestone street, made for people on vehicles.

The sun was already setting when we boarded the newly built tramline back to the Olympic Village where we connected with the Skytrain that carried us back to our car. Across the boarder, packed up the Kids and back home in a whirlwind.

This was one of the most amazing experiences we had as a family in a really long time. Too bad the Olympics are only every 2 years – but we will be back, for sure!

*BTW, if you can’t make this out in the picture, I’m standing in front of the Olympic cauldron, the flame is hidden in the sunlight!