I have been noodling around with Workflowy for the last few months now. This week I ‘engaged’ and took the tool a bit more serious, actually plotting out my brain. I started dividing and conquering bigger projects that play out over a longer period of time. It might be a great addition to Basecamp or Wunderkit. An app that gathers all brainstorming ideas before the project is fully solidified.

And it’s wicked fast.

Which makes it a great helper during the early brainstorming phase, when the ideas flow freely and the apps really need to keep up the pace and get out of the way to ensure all important thoughts get captures.

Be sure to turn the shortcut help when you first get into it, until you have familiarized yourself with the different options of moving your tags and tasks around.

(I added an affiliate link. If you like the tool and use it and clicked through from this link, I get some free space, thanks.)