I couldn’t fit this into the 140 caracter maximum so I decided to write a whole blog post about this. Thanks for reading in advance. And apologies if I bored anyone.

‘hashtags” is a twitter term and that allows people to search, tag and connect conversation around a common phrase.

#iPhone is a popular twitter tag and people who love the device search for this tag to learn about the product.

#iranelection was used during the, you guessed it, election in Iran to connect people who wanted to learn, support and follow the election and by locals who used to twitter to communicate, group and rally.

#followfriday is used every friday to recommend to your friends, people they should follow.

Since earlier this year we created and used two hashtags: #olympia and #Occ09

#Occ09 we used to link and connect Olympia City Council communication on twitter to mediocre success.
#olympia is the obivous hashtag for connecting local city communication, since I live in Olympia.

But there lies the problem. We live in Olympia, not in Puyallup, Poulsbo or Yakima. Olympia in not just a city, it’s a sporting event, and limited edition chocolate bar, a courageous senator in Maine, and among many other things Olympiais our State Capitol and “Olympia” often gets mixed up with state politics. If you want to learn more about that issue, visit Emmett’s blog.

So, what should we do, as a local community trying to connect and converse around stuff that happens in our city?

The easiest solution would be to to use the cute nickname that locals have given the city long time ago: oly.

I hate that word and name for our city. It doesn’t ring nice in my ear and makes my city sound small. But further, there are alot of people out there that are not part of the “in” crowd, live not in Olympia and want to find out something about Olympia. How will they know to search of Olympia? If you visit Portland, Spokane, Walla Walla, what would you type into Google? Or twitter search for that matter?

I made numerous connections with people, travelers, tourist and visitors who came to Olympia and were twittering their plans.

To be accessible, reachable and open we need to stick with #olympia. Sure, we can do #olympiawa to seperate us from the senators, chocolate bars and sporting events, but please let’s not do oly… people will not find us.

I will continue to keep the search “olympia” open. Sure it get’s crowded sometimes, but at least we’re in good company. What do people in NYC do, or Berlin or Paris??