So, last week something exciting happened. Not just vacation. That was incredible and wonderful and beautiful.

LiveLifeLoud accepted it’s first unsolicited advertiser.
What that means: I am getting paid to blog, which was my long-dreamed goal and something I am super-excited about. Sofar it’s not much, I couldn’t live off of advertising… yet. Can’t go on another vacation or buy myself that fixie I so desperately want. But it’s a start in the right direction and something I have been working on for many years. LiveLifeLoud is, in it’s latest incarnation almost a year old now. As of today I wrote 1341 posts, 1342 with this one. But it’s the beginning of something that’s been brewing for a long time. I always wanted to be a blogger/online publisher/content curator (naysayers be damned) and it’s starting to feel like I am finding a groove. The way LiveLifeLoud works for me right now is pretty close to the way I have dreamed it would.

There are so many incredible things happening in the world ever day, that influence culture, define our times and demand to be gathered, connected and woven into a cohesive story. Stories, moments and personal achievements that inspire us, challenge us to open our eyes in curiosity, without fear and offer us a chance to make us better people.

This is what I am trying to achieve.

For you my dear reader nothing much changes. You will continue to receive the best links with my personal commentary every day, all week long. If a link or article will come through the feed that is sponsored and I receive compensation for in any way I will let you know and disclose it, of course.

Onwards. A exciting future is waiting.

And thanks for reading and supporting what I do.