NYT’s Krugman doesn’t like Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight blog.

And I agree with him. So far everything I’ve seen is highly underwhelming.

Why is it, and pardon me if I repeat myself, that all those professional journalist leave reputable publications and start something new with the desire to redefine their genre and essentially create a standard blog, in the same fashion we’ve seen already for a decade now.

Where are the designers that help them elevate their writing to the next level?

Yes, so far the cool genre-bending designs have failed because they were too far out there and tried to marry several different mediums, writing, video and lots of slide shows.

But one would think that a site, focused on writing and cool graphs would consider that more and build a design exactly for that.

It’s on WordPress after all, to build a theme can’t be that hard. Come on people.