The Masters have had terrific live coverage of their events. They’ve always been a step ahead of everyone. When every other sport sells their broadcasting right to the highest bidder, they did that and also had their big events on their dedicated channel. And for some reason that was always the only ‘special’ channel you got even without paying for some crazy cable package. If you want the NBC or FOX Soccer channels, you still have to sell your first born.

And now that live-coverage is increasingly moving to the internet, Golf, again is leading the way with a terrific golf website available on all devices. Push-able via Air-play to the big screen. With terrific resolution and great full-screen functions and other features. Are they just swimming in cash from their high-rolling sponsors or are they just really smart and understand how fans want to be connected to live sporting events in 2012?

I really have high hopes for the upcoming Olympics, that both the IOC and here in the US NBC are coming up with some innovative ways of bringing the games to their fans. Let’s break out of the mold of primetime coverage with rusty commentators and move the live-feeds to Twitter. Invite a global conversation, give us camera angles to choose from, let us see behind the scene and be a part of the action in the most intimate way yet.

Yeah, that’s going to happen.