Here is my issue with the Google Glass promo videos:

It always shows people doing really cool stuff.

Stuff, life, you don’t want to be interrupted when it happens. You want to enjoy, savor, be in the middle of it, experience it, let your memories capture the moment and live it at its fullest. Why would you want the distraction of having to manage a little box in the corner of your vision with incoming and outgoing notes and messages? Have you ever been in charge of photographing a wedding or a family event? How much did you enjoy the festivities when you constantly had to scramble to get the next great shot captured?

Google Glass will make sense when you waiting in line at the coffee shop, riding an elevator, waiting at a doctor’s office. In the same places the smart phone has enriched our lives by giving us something to do and connecting us to our world we’re waiting to connect back into while we wait to board the plane or pickup our coffee.

Yes, it would be cool if we could capture every moment of our lives, but we couldn’t possible process all that data into a cohesive message and neither could we enjoy the moment while we’re busy processing it. Let alone the fact that most cool experiences are had outside cell and wifi range. So you’re stupid glasses are as useless, and distracting the same way being glued to your phone is.