2014 is almost around the corner.

Did the last year deliver on its promise? Did you make any resolutions? How long were you able to keep them? And did it inspire you to make any for this year?

I again, had a year of change and transition. I learned to live with it, but don’t like it. The only thing constant in my life is my family and my ability to morph with the need of the hour and transition into whatever lies next around the bent. I suppose this is a good thing, but it’s getting tired and wearing on me.

I am longing for some constant in my life. Something to rely on, build upon and climb up onto.

So, I after a few weeks of crazy work and Holiday rest I am starting to write again. This I can do, write. Poorly and short, but I can blog a few lines here and there and this site and my thoughts on it, grow.

So I will plug along and continue.